Trust Yourself and Don’t Sacrifice Quality with Chris Odell

Chris Odell - Founder & CEO of Datsusara

Chris Odell – Founder & CEO of Datsusara

Chris Odell is the founder and CEO of Datsusara, a sports wear and gear company that uses only natural textiles.  Chris started Datsusara back in 2007, when he became more active in mixed martial arts and started noticing a disturbing trend. All of the bags that were available at the time, were made with synthetic materials that did not breathe, which made for a  smelly situation.

On this episode, we discuss the mistake that Chris and his company made that cost them thousands and how, by simply doing what he felt was right, Chris was able to turn his company and image around. Tune in as Chris shares the lessons he has learned and the changes he has made to the quality of his gear. You will not want to miss this episode!

Listen In Here:

During The Episode, We’ll Cover:

  • How Chris came to the decision to start Datsusara.
  • Why Hemp and other natural fibers are a better choice for sports gear.
  • How Chris is still ensuring that he gets in contact with any potential unhappy client.
  • The benefits of using Hemp materials. 

What Chris Learned:

  1. Do not ever sacrifice quality because you are worried about the retail cost.
  2. People will pay more for a quality product.
  3. You have to listen to yourself and do what you feel is right.

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