Fast-Tracking Your Way to Success by Taking Risks with Matt Straz

Matt Straz, Founder of Namely

Matt Straz, Founder of Namely

Matt Straz is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Namely, his third startup and the leading HR platform for the world’s most exciting companies. Matt started his first startup in college as a means to support himself as he was bedridden with a bad case of Mono. After he finally got better, online business became a way of life for Matt.

On this quick, but powerful, episode, we are discussing two important factors that play a pivotal role in achieving success: taking risk and complacency.  Tune in as Matt shares the lessons he learned over the years and imparts his wise advice  that he wishes he could have taken in the earlier stages of his career. Don’t miss this episode!

Listen In Here:

During The Episode, We’ll Cover:

  • Matt’s early beginnings as a Digital Media entrepreneur.
  • Why Matt founded Namely.
  • Why being too risk-averse is an extremely slow road to success.
  • The importance of putting time aside every week to reflect on what you have accomplished this week and what you’re going to work on next week, month and year.
  • Why it is important to do productive things versus “busy work.”

What Matt Learned:

  1. If you are trying to figure out what kind of business you should start, rather than looking for something “sexy,” look for a need to fill.
  2. In retrospect Todd wishes that he would have taken more risk earlier in his career.
  3. Look at your career almost as a series of startups, in terms of where each position that you take will lead you next.
  4. Moving into positions that are riskier and could fail earlier in your career, there’s very little downside at that point.

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What Did You Learn?

Use the comments section below to share what you learned from today’s episode, or how a similar experience has shaped your career.

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