The Key to Hiring the Right Team with Todd Morris


Todd Morris, the Founder and CEO of Brickhouse Security

Todd Morris is the founder and CEO of Brickhouse Security. Over the course of his career working for large tech industry brands like Apple, Adobe and Map Quest, Todd has learned quite a bit about business development. This knowledge, coupled with an epiphany he had while  lost in a cave in Thailand, eventually led him to the field of security and the birth of his company, Brickhouse Security.

Todd is undoubtedly one of the best examples of how to build a business in today’s economy. Learning from his many people-related mistakes Todd has been able to come up with a set of practices for hiring, promoting and managing people within an organization, which he shares with us on today’s episode. Don’t miss these priceless lessons that will help you bypass some of the mistakes Todd made running his business!

Listen In Here:

During The Episode, We’ll Cover:

  • How Todd ended up in security market.
  • Todd’s biggest people mistake.
  • The problem with hiring bootstrapping entrepreneurs.
  • Why hiring branded stars was also a mistake.
  • The problems that Todd faced promoting from within the company.
  • What Dilbert Principle is.
  • What predictive index is and how it can help you minimize the risk that comes with hiring new employees.

What Ron Learned:

  1. When hiring people, look carefully for what you need in a team member for each role.
  2. When promoting from within the company, it is important to know the strengths of your employees. It is possible to lose good people if you promote them to the level of incompetence.
  3. Using predictive index for hiring and promoting is the only way to go for Todd. He wishes he had used it since the early days of his company.

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What Did You Learn?

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