Narrowing Your Focus with Ron J. Williams

Ron Williams - Founder of Simplist

Ron J. Williams – Founder of Simplist

Ron J. Williams is a successful entrepreneur whose journey started from an idea he came up with when trying to impress a girl. It worked, as the girl is now his wife. Three businesses later, Ron works to help other businesses to collaborate and succeed by using networks.

Ron is best known for the creation of his three companies: SnapGoods,  Knodes, and Simplist. His latest product, Simplist, helps founders, freelancers, and small teams collaborate more effectively to identify the hires, investors, and clients already in their combined networks. Builders build faster and spend less time and money doing it. Ron’s ultimate goal is to make human networks more effective for the little guy.

Listen in to find out how Ron was able to learn from his mistakes, and how those lessons have helped him develop into a successful, focused entrepreneur. Don’t miss this episode full of easily applicable advice on taking advantage of your network to help narrow your focus in your business. Also, don’t forget to check out Ron’s website below with a special link, only for The Mistake Podcast listeners!

Listen In Here:

During The Episode, We’ll Cover:

  • The most important trait a leader can possess.
  • Why you have to first establish the small wins before you expanding your focus.
  • What is the dragon that Ron slays every morning.
  • The premise behind Ron’s company, Simplist.
  • Why all successful projects are a team sport.

What Ron Learned:

  1. The most powerful, and often wasted, resource people have is the experts and people in their networks.
  2. Check your ego at the door, start small and then grow.
  3. There is no shame in winning small.
  4. Access trumps ownership.

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What Did You Learn?

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